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Our mission is to build strong relationships with our clients that focus on creating elegant solutions to their complex problems.
Who are we

The Company

Level Twenty Seven is a team of creative designers and software developers that build solutions with clients across a range of industries and markets. Focused on creating elegant solutions to complex business problems.

We build products and services that solve real-world problems for our clients. Be it a website to expose your products and services to complex ecommerce systems. We accept the challenge and look forward to helping you build and grow.

Founded in 2020 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam with the passion to help businesses succeed in the online world, we are focused on building solutions for the modern web.

Our founder, Jamie, has been working with web and internet technologies for over 20 years. He has experience helping clients succeed across a range of industries from marketplaces to real estate, hospitality, engineering and architecture. Having built a popular marketplace solution, Jamie’s experience in supporting tens of thousands of users has brought a wealth of knowledge that we can apply to your requirements.

Our Values

How we succeed

We work hard to build a culture that is energetic, fun and collaborative. 

Work-life Balance

We believe in providing an environment that encourages a healthy work-life balance. It’s ok to step away from the keyboard when you can.


We strive to treat everyone with equal respect and understanding. We communicate clearly, thoroughly and thoughtfully. We value consistency and honesty; working to maintain team member and client respect.


We care about taking responsibility for our actions and ensuring that we can embrace opportunities and contribute to the team.

Enjoy what we do

The way to success is to enjoy what you do and who you work with. We ensure our team work well together and


We work towards a healthy cross-section of passion, innovation, education, collaboration and creativity that leads to enjoying what we do.

Challenge Accepted

We love a challenge and this is where we excel. Working on creating elegant solutions to complex problems is what drives us to succeed.

Our Vision

Complex Problems. elegant Solutions

At Level Twenty Seven, we work with businesses that are seeking to enhance or evolve their business through the design and development of effective online solutions.

Process Driven

Being process driven, ensures clear communication between the client and our teams.

Communication is Key

We focus on ensuring that we provide a great service exceeding your expectations on time and within budget.

Tailored Solutions

We have a deep understanding of the technology and processes required to build complex ecommerce stores, marketplaces and mobile applications and more.

Problem Resolution

Understanding and then solving your pain points is how we ensure you succeed.

Problem Solving
Freedom is key
Who We Are

Work-life balance

We provide a flexible, easy going environment where we are remote first for our staff. This allows for a greater work life balance. That doesn’t mean you can’t come into the office if you want to. We care about how our staff are able to build and learn throughout their careers.

Director & Founder
Level Twenty Seven

Our Skills

Meet our main skills

We are a team of experts with skills across a range of technologies and solutions.

Web Design & Development
Ecommerce Solutions
Web Maintenance
Offshore Development
Mobile Applications
Hardware solutions
Design Services (2D/3D)
IT Consulting
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